In Crystal Guardian you take the place of a godess, charged with the honor of defending the powerful crystals.
The crystals are at risk with the arrival of an evil army: The humans
Story tells us that the humans have always been huge pricks. Its like they can't see something shiny,
they gotta blow the shit out of it can put a flag on the remains to claim it as theirs.
Teach these douchebags a lesson! Guard the crystals!
Plant crystals to grow bigger crystals.
Pick those up to consume and replenish HP, or let them grow into a tower.
Towers use big crystals as ammo.

Each tower reduces the available planting area.


WASD to move

Space to block
J to attack or use
K to switch between attack mode and plant mode
L to consume a crystal for hp


Left analog to move
Right trigger to block
X to attack or pickup/use
Square to switch between attack mode and plant mode
Circle to consume crystal for hp

Me - @GoncaloDev
Fred Sousa - @fredtsousa

Marco Vale - @MarcoValeKaz

João Costa - @Dainomyte

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